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Health Care Professional Representation

Miami Lawyer Protecting the Interests of Medical Providers

Doctors, nurses, and other licensed health care professionals understand how crucial it is to perform their jobs competently. Failing to do so can result in great harm to a patient. However, treating patients can be stressful, and a moment’s lapse in judgment can result in unintentional harm. There are also situations in which patients are unhappy with a procedure’s outcome and file an unjustified complaint with the Department of Health. Whether you are facing a complaint against your license or issues involving the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, it is crucial to seek professional representation. Miami health care lawyer Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich is an experienced trial attorney who understands the importance of protecting your license and your practice. She can represent you in a proceeding related to your career.

Medical and Nursing License Defense

As a health care professional, your license is vital to your ability to continue in your career. If you have received a letter from the Florida Department of Health about a complaint against your license, it is important to seek legal representation. Common complaints against the licenses of health care professionals include DUI, positive drug tests, impairment for other reasons, and criminal convictions. Ms. Petkovich can help you understand your options as a health care professional, advise you on navigating the system, make recommendations about settling versus fighting allegations, and argue mitigating circumstances before the Department of Health.

DOH Investigations and Complaints

Florida Department of Health investigations and complaints must be taken seriously. You should promptly consult a health care attorney in the Miami area if you become the subject of an investigation. The Department of Health is the state body that investigates complaints and reports about health care providers regulated by the Department. It has the power to enforce Florida Statutes against them. Any Department of Health action taken against you as a health care provider is administrative. Potential actions include license suspension, license revocation, reprimand, fine, restriction of practice, remedial education, or probation. A complaint will be reviewed for possible violations. When a violation may have occurred, it will be investigated and then referred to the Prosecution Services Unit. If the Prosecution Services Unit determines that there is probable cause, your case will be referred to the board for disciplinary action. By contrast, if probable cause is not found, the case stays confidential.

Office of Medical Marijuana Use

The Office of Medical Marijuana Use writes and implements the Department’s rules for medical marijuana. It oversees the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, and it licenses Florida businesses to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana. Physicians and dispensing organizations must follow rules written by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use to obtain qualification to prescribe medical marijuana, and they must follow the Florida Constitution and the Florida Statutes. A doctor can order low-THC cannabis or medical marijuana only if they hold an active restricted license as a doctor under Chapter 458 of the Florida Statutes or as an osteopathic physician under Chapter 459. You should retain a Miami health care attorney if you are concerned about running afoul of these rules and laws. For example, Rule 64-4.0111 governs medical marijuana use registry identification cards. Both patients and caregivers need to have a valid medical marijuana use registry identification card to get marijuana or a marijuana delivery device. Among other criteria, to apply for an identification card, a patient needs to be added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by a qualified physician. Issues can arise if a physician does not take the right steps with a patient, who then is not qualified or who then loses qualification for medical marijuana use.

Retain a Knowledgeable Attorney to Safeguard Your Career

Your career as a doctor or other health care professional can be placed on the line by problems connected to your practice or outside it. If you are a health care professional facing threats to your license, an investigation, or a complaint, you should call the Petkovich Law Firm. Ms. Petkovich represents clients throughout South Florida. Her experience as a criminal defense attorney and a medical marijuana advocate helps bring unique insights to her work as a health care lawyer in the Miami area. Call us at 305-358-8003 or contact us via our online form.


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